Privacy Policy

Co-living Homes is your trusted property partner because our top priority is to protect your personal information. All the information that we collect from you is protected, we don’t sell it or share it, we may use it for marketing purposes or to provide a personalised experience to you. Your information is kept to us and not shared further, so there’s nothing suspicious that you’ll worry about.

Co-living Homes adheres to following the best policies to protect your personal information at its best. We solely use your information for work purposes and all your information is safe with us. This statement outlines how we collect your data, how we use it and more.

Collecting Your Information

We don’t collect your data and your personal information without your consent or against your will. All your information such as contact details, location of residence, etc is given by you with your consent and will.

Personal Information Disclosure

We don’t share your personal information with any individual, company or organisation for their purpose. However, your personal information may be disclosed to third parties, software, and other social media platforms for particular purposes such as marketing and to provide you with a better experience with our services.

Access To Your Personal Information

We believe that you have a complete right to know about your personal information and what information we hold about you. So if you wish to know about your personal information then feel free to contact us any time.

Changes & Updates

You may want to check the privacy policy from time to time, this may change as per the new changes and the updates in the industry come in. So, if privacy is your top concern, then do check our privacy policy from time to time.

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Get In Touch

If you think that your privacy is breached or if we are using your personal information in an unethical way, then you are free to contact us at any time. To contact us, you can call us on 1300 059 744 or fill out our query form by clicking here, and our team will surely revert to you.

Why Co-Living?

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