Co-Living Property Investment Solutions

The Future of Real Estate Investments

Explore the better way of property investing with Coliving Homes utilising co-living as a strategy to assist property investors build a great property portfolio while generating high returns and capital growth.

Who Are CoLiving Homes?

CoLiving Homes specialises in helping property investors build a property portfolio by using co-living property investments as a strategy. We not only focus on helping investors with high cashflow investment properties but also ensure they achieve high capital growth on investment properties. We are part of a national team assisting fellow Australians to achieve financial freedom through co-living investments bringing the best property investment strategies that are data-driven and tailored to suit our investors’ individual goals.

Co-Living Homes For Investors

We are not reinventing the Co-living property investing, we are just making it much easier and better
for investors to build a stable and higher source of income along with capital growth.
At Co-living we help investors get several benefits such as:
High Rental Yields
3X Rental Incomes
Annual ROI of 10-15%
Great Tax Depreciation
Diversified Investment
Let Your Investment Grow
Strong Market Demand

Traditional Investment

Location: Melbourne Turnkey Package: from $650,000
Rental Estimate: $480 per week Rental Yield: 3.84%
Rental Guarantee: No Cashflow Neutral or Positive: No

Co living Investment

Location: Melbourne Turnkey Package: from $650,000
Rental Estimate: $1000 per week Rental Yield: 8%
Rental Guarantee: Yes Cashflow Neutral or Positive: Yes

Why Choose Co-Living Homes?

National Team

An accredited national team providing the best co-living investment strategies. Get expert co-living investment insights and strategies to build a stable property portfolio.

Dedicated Property Management Team

Our team has extensive experience in managing and guiding Co-Living property Investment Portfolios.

Cash flow and capital growth properties

We not only focus on generating cash flow from the co-living property but also ensure capital growth of the property.

Co-Living Investors

Coliving Homes offer investors unique opportunities to invest in better properties in the form of co-living investment properties, which bring improved livability and simply generate 3x rental income than traditional property investments because of multi-tenancy occupancy in one single property. Co-living properties are in high demand, making it a no-brainer for investors to invest in triple-tenancy property opportunities. Contact us to learn in detail about co-living property investing.

Happy Coliving Customers

Efficiency and transparency are the hallmarks of Coliving Homes. The operational ease and scalability of their properties, coupled with professional management, make it a top choice for anyone looking to expand their real estate portfolio.

Emily L., Brisbane Investor

Investing in Coliving Homes has been a game-changer. The diversified portfolio they offer not only shields against market fluctuations but also ensures a steady income. A smart move for any investor.

Sarah T., Melbourne Investor

Coliving Homes has transformed my approach to real estate investment. The reliable rental income from their co-living spaces has proven to be a consistent source of returns. It’s a win-win for investors.

Mark H., Sydney Investor


What Is Co-Living Homes?
Co-Living Homes is an Australian-based company, located in Melbourne that guides property investors to build their property portfolios by using co-living as a strategy. We are a nationwide co-living investment strategist and are among one of the trusted co-living property investment companies in Australia.
What’s The Process of Investing In Co-Living?
Book a strategy call with us, in which we’ll discuss your investment goals and we’ll move ahead step-by-step as per your goal keeping in mind to achieve a positive cash flow and a good return on capital investment. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of investing.
Can I Sell The Property Later And Get Capital Growth?
Yes, this is one of the best factors in co-living investing you not only get to generate regular positive cash flow but also get a high return on your capital investment.
Why Should I Do This With You? Can I Do It Myself Instead?
Investing in co-living consists of various factors that are tough for a new investor, this can lead to serious consequences. We use data-driven approach and have a range of experts to assist in building Co-Living Property Investments. With our years of experience as co-living experts, we’ll make sure that there are no hindrances in your investing journey.
How Do I Know If I’m Financially Capable To Invest In Co-living?
To know whether you are financially capable or not, book a call with us and our team will assist you in deciphering whether you’re financially ready or not they’ll also, guide you with various options available in the co-living property investing space to help you achieve financial freedom.

We looking forward to welcoming you to discuss your new home.

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